– Like A Local


In Oktober 2016 I was asked by Amsterdam based agency Made for Digital to direct a four city series for . The idea was to join locals to their favorite locations in the city and get to know the city from a locals perspective. I directed the films and was responsible to coordinate my team consisting of two DOP’s, the locals and two production assistants.

We had a timeframe of one month to travel to four cities – Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Prague. In every city we shot between four and seven locations a day – so it was quite intense and sometimes we just had half and hour for every location. Anyway it was a great challenge for us and the run and gun was fun for me and for my awesome DOP’s.

Also we had a tight styleframe in which we had to work in. This was because there were a couple of other teams shooting different cities all over Europe at the same time. So we had to make sure that the look & feel are the same throughout all the cities. Thanks to everyone involved in the project, all the people we met and all the great locations we visited. On to the next one.






Production: Made for Digital

Producer: Job Hall

Direction: Marcus Werner

DOP’s: Thomas Leermakers / Jonas Hofmann / Tom Welsh

Assitants: Joshua Brechlin, Marvin Hahn, Mark Gerke, Jakub Rzucidlo , Jakub Koula