Arno Brandlhuber for Freunde von Freunden


Client: FvF & Siemens
Production: Freunde von Freunden
Director & Camera: Marcus Werner
Edit: Lukas Feigelfeld
Interview: Anna Schunck
Sound: Adam Asnan
Photography: Ailine Liefeld

For Freunde von Freunden & Siemens we visited Berlin based architect in his amazing Mitte apartment before going all the way down to Potsdam to see his Antivilla.

It was a great day for the shooting and the light got even better when we did the evening scene at the Antivilla. After the shoot the whole team went for a swim in the lake and hanging out in the sun on the rooftop drinking wine. This is how a perfect shooting day could always end.

Thanks to Freunde von Freunden for our first new project after many years and special thanks to Faye Adams and Sabrina Hubert of FvF for the great production!

Find more pictures and the great interview with Arno by Anna Schunck over at Freunde von Freunden.

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