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Art Basel Miami 2014

The Art Basel Week in Miami got a really nice Place To Be for me in the last years. Not only that you escape the european winter and finish the year with some sun in your face but also because it is the class meeting of the international creative scene. You have the feeling that everyone is there, you meet friends, paint and have a good time with some worldclass art.

This time I originally wanted to chill with the homies and just enjoy Miami and the beach. Of course it came different and I just had to take the opportunity to capture the scenery on camera. I just brought my Lumix GH4 handheld and some Microphones and didn’t had a big concept on what I wanted to do. After all I decided to go into the direction of discussing the developement and differences of Streetart towards Fine Art.

Thanks to good connections of my friends over at DRAW A LINE we had the chance to talk to REVOK, Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson and many more. So after all it was a quite busy week for me again but it’s always nice to see the final product and captured these moments on tape.

Huge thanks to the nice guys over at Montana Cans (Cheers Alex & Nico) for the support. Looking forward to some future projects!



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